18 October 2013

(Short) Picture Tour Of Den Haag, Amsterdam and Delft

Eve 18/10/13

Just pictures now...

Delft - Beautiful canals
More canals
You may know the story... The boy who stuck his finger in the dike

Noordeinde Palace

The World Peace Palace

World Peace Flame

I have never seen so many bikes in my life until I went to Holland

And now for the foodie side...

The best, overly-sweet chocolate milk ever! So childish but so good. The hot chocolate in Holland was mostly made by just heating up this chocolate milk, very good.

So big! 500ml of premium vanilla extract for €17.50, not bad (£14.81)
A day at the market... So much fresh produce, all from Holland!

The most amazing variety of squashes and pumpkins

Well, that's Den Haag, Amsterdam and Delft's food and small bit of culture in a nutshell. Tomorrow, I am making 'speculoos' - you may not know the name but I'm sure you'll know the taste!

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