1 December 2013

Ideally Sweet is Changing

Eve 01/12/13

On the 10th of December 2013, Ideally Sweet's name will be changed.

Old Name - Ideally Sweet
New Name - Baking the Day

Old Web Address - www.ideallysweet.blogspot.co.uk 
New Web Address - www.bakingthedayeve.blogspot.co.uk

Old Pinterest Username - ideallysweet
New Pinterest username - bakingtheday

I, Eve Scott, will still be the author of Baking the Day, Bring you tasty recipe to satisfy you sweet tooth.

So, get the date in your diary -

10th of December, Ideally Sweet will Become 
"Baking the Day"

Just type it into your favourite search engine and hopefully, it will be the first result!

Eve :-) 

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