16 February 2014

Ski Austria!

Eve 16/2/14


After a busy week in Austria skiing, I am glad to be home. Austria was a great experience, such a different atmosphere to France to where I normally go!

I took a lot of pictures and tried many different foods. 
Have you ever heard of a "germknödel"? Germknödel is a fluffy sweet yeast dough which is steamed with a filling of either the traditional spicy plum jam or even blueberry jam. Once steamed, the dumpling is served with melted butter or custard with poppyseeds. Some germknödels are even topped with blueberry powder!

 The camera quality isn't that great, I was using my ipod

Frosty aeroplane window

Espresso stop!

This is a "kifli", a traditional white bread roll. The bread is made with a soft, yeasted dough, often enriched with milk and eggs.


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