27 December 2014

2014's Best Recipes

2014, where do I begin? For Baking the Day, 2014 has been a great year, from simply gain more view and followers to inspiring people to pick up their wooden spoons and getting into the kitchen. 

I have increased traffic by a small amount but that made me happy!

Shared my opinions on many topics, from sugar to chilling cookie dough!

Many makeovers have taken place!

I have been able to connect with you guys!

Plus, I have posted recipe which I have been wanting to make for a long time. 

Thank you so much to all of my readers, you have support this blog so much and it means a lot when you comment, repin, share and follow my blog.

Thank you!!!

Favourite Cake...

1. Coconut Cloud Cake

2. Hummingbird Cake

3. Blueberry Crumb Cake

Favourite Yeasted Bread...

1. Fudge Apple Swirl Bread,these taste like toffee apples and are so addictive!

2. Cinnamon Sugar Bonbons 

3. S'mores Swirl Rolls

Favourite Quick Bread...

1. Chocolate Banana Bread, you guys certainly love banana, but you went crazy when I added chocolate.

2. Banana Bread

3. Apple and Walnut Bread

Favourite Muffins...

1. Sugar and Spice Apple Muffins

2. Cranberry Orange Muffins (very, very close!) 

3. Brown Butter Peach Muffins

Favourite Cookie and Macaron...

1. Gingerbread Macarons, only posted in November and it is already one of the most viewed recipes of 2014!

2. Honeycomb Crunch Cookies

3. 1 Big Nutella Raspberry Brownie Cookie

Favourite Scone...

1. Buttermilk Scones

2. Oat Scones

3. "Perfect" Scones

Favourite Breakfast...

1. Fluffy American Pancakes

2. Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes

3. Bagel Breakfast Pudding

Favourite Bars...

1. Chocolate Courgette Brownies

2. Biscoff Blondies

3. Honey Nut Oat Bars

Favourite Pastry...

1. Mini Pear Pies

2. Homemade Puff-Pastry Tutorial 

3. Mini Lemon Raspberry Tartlets

Favourite Chocolate Recipe...

1. Chocolate Courgette Brownies

2. Chocolate Banana Bread

3. Honeycomb Crunch Cookies

Readers Favourite Recipe...

1. Mini Pear Pies

2. Chocolate Courgette Brownies

3. Gingerbread Macarons

Now... My favourite recipes from 2014...

5. Salted Caramel Upside-Down Cake

4. Pistachio Chocolate Cake

3. Vanilla Glazed Bluebery Rolls

2. Hot Chocolate Cake, have you noticed a theme yet?!


(drumroll please!)

1. Blueberry Crumb Cake! This cake is so delicious, but it was so hard to pick a favourite. 

Thank you so much for supporting me and Baking the Day. Next month, you'll be happy to hear that January is going to be a month of healthy and guilt-free recipes, perfect for after Christmas and the party season. 

Well guys, last days of 2014... Let's make 2015 our best year yet; I'm am going to try and be more helpful and giving as well as improve life and other lives around me in small changes.

What are your resolutions? Let me know in the comment below!

See you in 2015! 

Eve x


  1. Looks absolutely amazing! Congratulations on a fantastic year, and best wishes for a wonderful 2015 filled with lots of delicious food!
    - Alessandra (www.thefoodieteen.com)

    1. Thank you Alessandra, same to you! I love you blog and photography, it is very inspiring!

  2. I love all of these! I'm so glad that I've met you through blogging. Happy new year!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad I met you to, you and your blog are an inspiration! Happy 2015!


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