9 August 2015

Gentlemen of the Road Mumford and Sons Stopover Tour

Best. Weekend. Ever.

 Photo from Gentlemen of the Road Facebook

So hi! Sorry I haven't posted in ages, I have been on holiday and travelling around Scotland as well as going to Mumford and Sons' Stopover Tour in Aviemore. The stopover is a music festival over a weekend which M&S and their record label Gentlemen of the Road organised, to showcase up-and-coming bands as well as more "known" bands and artist such as Ben Howard and Primal Scream.

I camped for the festival from the 30th - 1st July/ August in the grounds where we were swimming in mud and on the Friday, we had torrential rain for the whole day! Despite the rain and freezing temperatures out the of the sun (thanks Scotland!!) this festival was amazing! The music, atmosphere and food was all great and the people were lovely too. On the main stage, the headliners were Ben Howard on the Friday and Mumford and Sons on the Saturday.


As I am tiny (5ft 1, I know right!) the view was less than spectacular at the main stage while I was listening, dancing and singing screaming every lyric. However, a lovely group of German people were behind me and offered for me to hop on one of their shoulders.  

When the music is rippling through your chest, when the stage lights are flashing in the darkness, when you swear Ted Dwane and Marcus Mumford saw you  and you are on someone's shoulder and can see everything, you feel on top the the world! I can not put into words how amazing the feeling is, it's just... Wow, just amazing! I wish I got photos of the experience but my phone had died on the second day.

As well as Mumfords, there were plenty of other amazing bands such as Beatenberg (a band from Cape Town), Primal Scream (from Glasgow) and Liane La Havas (an up and coming artist who also played at Glastonbury). 

Beatenberg on the main stage

Every night, we ate food from the various food vendors in the festival grounds, I ate  from a vendor called "Kitchen 108" which served delicious veggie food, all fresh and tasty. I practically lived of their falafel wraps which were ah-maz-ing

After the festival, I went to the Isle of Harris and Lewis, in the outer Hebrides. It was a lovely place but there were no trees and all of the terrain was rocks, completely different to the rest of Scotland.

Callanish Standing Stones - Isle of Lewis

Uig Beach - Isle of Lewis

To finish off my trip, we went to the Isle of Skye just for 2 days to experience the nature and area. I can say that I definitely prefer Skye to Harris, Skye is so lush with plenty of trees and plants as well as having the Cullin mountain range, with 23 peaks, 12 being Munros. 

The Cullins and The Fairy Pools      

Well, that's what I've been up to over the past week and a bit, what about you? I've been far too long without baking, a post will be coming soon! Also, this is the last week of the "summer" holidays, summer being 14ºc and raining, the worst summer since 1922! 

Au Revoir for now x 

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