27 December 2015



Long time no see!

Well hi everyone, I am so sorry I haven't posted in ages and when I have, it has been inconsistent. I have been incredibly busy with school, exams, work and more and I physically haven't had the time to blog or bake.

Also, I feel "Baking the Day" isn't me any more, you get what I mean?

If you follow me on Instagram -->nourishwithhappiness<--, you'll see that I post completely different things on there to what I post here; nice cream, waffles, pancakes and fruit, compared to cakes, cupcakes and brownies.

This is because, well, I guess "baking" really isn't my thing anymore. Plus, I prefer to eat and enjoy a bowl of banana ice cream or a stack of vegan pancakes than a cake or pie.

Eating more natural and healthy things makes me feel good and nourished with goodness, where as eating a cake or cookie makes me feel lethargic, bad and even a little guilty.

Anyway, what I am leading to is that Baking the Day is a not a good name for this blog. So, I am going to change the name of this blog to Nourish with Happiness, the same as my Instagram.

I feel the name reflects me and the blog more as well as the new content.

Please leave your comments down below.

Hugs and squeezes,
Eve x

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